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            As the earliest region to develop the stage lighting and sound industry, Guangdong covers the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain, gathering more than 80% of the entertainment equipment enterprises in China and accounting for 80% of this industry annual total output value of the country. Industry Association of South China Entertainment Equipment (SCEE), established on March 28, 2008, is a non-profit social organization officially approved by the Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province. By 2022, there are nearly 500 core members across the province, focusing on professional lighting, sound, microphone, power amplifier, conference system and stage peripheral equipment. SCEE covers most of the industry well-known enterprises and top leaders, including the national industry standard formulating enterprises, national key cultural export enterprises, enterprises of national cultural industry demonstration base, etc. 

            Since its establishment, SCEE has been constantly integrating diversified resources, building multiple platforms, striving to provide better services for the industry, and promoting the vigorous development of the industry: 

            (1) Platform for Industry Exchange. SCEE gives full play to the role of interactive platform. It actively organizes all types of professional training, industry standard workshops, summit forums, etc., to enhance the competitiveness of members, unite all forces and make positive efforts to improve the industry service level. Efforts are also made to fully exert the advantage of industrial clusters and achieve a win-win development of the entire industry chain.

            (2) Platform for Service and Activity. SCEE always adheres to its starting point of serving the industry and members. It has built a broad communication platform for the industry through exhibition and trade activities, academic exchanges, standard formulation, social interaction, etc. It enriches the members’ life by organizing member entrepreneurs to site-visit and research, golf, cycling, camping and hiking irregularly; increases the organization centripetal force and cohesion by sending best wishes to members on many important days such as the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and birthdays.

            (3) Platform for Guiding the Industry Development. SCEE listens to the voices of the government and members actively, organizes participation in government-related activities regularly, reflects work and suggestions to government departments, increases opportunities for government and enterprises to communicate, integrates resources to promote development of industry chain. It also broadens its horizons and helps enterprises grasp the pulse of the age, foster new development momentum to escort the industry.

            (4) Public Welfare Exhibition Platform. With the aim of holding “public welfare exhibition”, SCEE has organized Guangzhou (International) Entertainment Technology Show (GETshow) annually since 2011 . Combines the advantages of the industrial chain, advocates the concept of green exhibition, and makes unremitting efforts to promote the healthy development of China entertainment equipment industry and enhance the popularity and reputation of China's national brands at home and abroad. 

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